Chinese Jade Rollers Wholesale - These are Not "Fake Jade" Rollers for Sale

Jade rollers have been used by Chinese doctors and Chinese and Asian people for centuries.  Jade has "qi energy" for health and healing so jade rollers help by smoothing the body's qi.  When qi get "stuck",  according to Chinese medicine, that is a problem that can be helped with jade rollers, as well as acupuncture, Chinese medicine.  Ying Yu Jade started a collaboration with an experienced Chinese jade dealer who works with his jade carver in north eastern China, where Chinese jade originates, 20 years ago. and now they have become popular internationally.  In fact, in USA you can go to many retail stores and find jade rollers, nicely boxed, and very cheap....but are these "real jade" or "fake jade"?

Below are two photos taken by JadeRollersWholesale while working with our jade carver.  They are not edited but there is certainly a difference:

Genuine natural Chinese jade rollers.
Moderately translucent, "yin" light to medium green

Jade Rollers Wholesale

Ying Yu Jade introduced jade rollers to USA in the 1990's.  We went to China to learn Chinese medicine, and discovered how popular jade rollers are.  Not only used by Chinese medicine doctors, but every household in China had jade rollers to help with smoothing the body's qi flow for health and wellness.  Not they are popular in the rest of the world not only for health and wellness, but also for beauty, relaxation and massage. Ying Yu Jade wants to offer jade rollers for wholesale at the lowest price.  If we sell the jade rollers wholesale on the web site, the costs include shipping charges from China to Florida, USA, and then shipping charges to the person or company that buys them.   We now have a way to save you money on wholesale jade rollers order. We made a web site that includes photos, prices and our associate in China contact information.  The prices are updated as the cost of jade and workmanship sometimes varies so we keep you up to date.  The prices are based on …