Beware of Chinese "Jade" Sellers Trying to Sell You "Fake Jade" Rollers

I received an email today from a company in China who looked at Ying Yu Jade site and thought I would be a good "wholesale customer" for "jade" rollers.  This is how the rollers were described:

Magnetic Detachable Facial Jade Roller : 
  Material: 100% natural aventurine quartz head & aluminum handle ; 
                    Durable Zinc alloy integrated frame;
                    Silicone mask brush-easy to brush and clean
What to watch for in this description is the material, natural aventurine quartz.  Aventurine and quartz are NOT jade! 

Jade rollers made to Chinese medicine standard are genuine and natural Chinese jade, usually mined in the north east China Xiuyan area.  The rollers and the handle are also jade. 

JadeRollersWholesale appearance and quality

Yes, the aventurine rollers are "pretty green".   But one of the reasons real jade is used because of the qi energy that is a major part of Chinese medicine. 

The  "detachable facial jade rollers"   nephrite rollers are manufactured near Guangzhou, China.  In Guangzhou, in southern China, there is not good quality natural jade.  So sellers from that area, some are selling on Alibaba, use something else to appeal to people, especially western people who do not always know about jade. 

If you want a sample of the jade rollers that are available on JadeRollersWholesale site, you can purchase one or more on our main site where there is a selection of different styles and sizes of jade rollers. 

More information including sizes and price, minimum orders, visit us at,
Your browser may show "not secure" but that is because we do not use it for the actual order so you do not give personal financial data on the actual site.


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